Codycross Paris Group 260 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Young Plant
Solution: Seedling

Question: American Sweet Pastry Resembling An Animal Limb
Solution: Bear claw

Question: Blue Club Are A Type Of Sea Squirt
Solution: Tunicate

Question: Cookie Made Of Egg Sugar And Almonds Or Coconut
Solution: Macaroon

Question: Dont Put The Cart Before
Solution: The horse

Question: Father Of Relativity Theory
Solution: Einstein

Question: German V2 Rocket Engineer And Space Pioneer
Solution: Von braun

Question: Goody Two Shoes Ned Who Lives Next To Homer
Solution: Flanders

Question: Greater Or Lesser Caribbean Archipelago
Solution: Antilles

Question: Herman Writer Of The American Renaissance
Solution: Melville

Question: Hijacker Of Boeing 727 Who Vanished In 1971
Solution: Db cooper

Question: Homers Goody Two Shoes Neighbor
Solution: Flanders

Question: Lower Leg Tendon Also Known As The Heel Cord
Solution: Achilles

Question: Made A Formal Declaration
Solution: Affirmed

Question: The Blues 1980 American Musical Crime Comedy
Solution: Brothers

Question: To Arrange Objects Or Items In Categories
Solution: Classify

Question: Jungle Urban Area With Unattractive Buildings
Solution: Concrete

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