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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: 2002 World Cup Stadium Home Of The Antlers
Solution: Kashima

Question: Business Entity
Solution: Company

Question: Business Organization Entity
Solution: Company

Question: Coarse Sedimentary Rock With Angular Fragments
Solution: Breccia

Question: Cream Colored Root Related To The Carrot
Solution: Parsnip

Question: Dumb And Dumber Actor Jeff
Solution: Daniels

Question: Ernest Evans Aka Rock N Roll Singer Chubby
Solution: Checker

Question: Founder Of WikiLeaks Julian
Solution: Assange

Question: Garments People Wear Regularly
Solution: Clothes

Question: Industrial Suburb Of Adelaide In South Australia
Solution: Osborne

Question: It Includes Knowledge Art And Beliefs Of A Society
Solution: Culture

Question: Marie Made Death Masks In The French Revolution
Solution: Tussaud

Question: Nobody Should Rest On Ones Own
Solution: Laurels

Question: People Who Train Others
Solution: Coaches

Question: Picture Puzzles With Interlocking Pieces
Solution: Jigsaws

Question: Rich Crook On The Dukes Of Hazzard
Solution: Boss hog

Question: Theft Stealing
Solution: Larceny

Question: To Avenge Usually By Retaliating
Solution: Revenge

Question: Undecided Or Neutral In Politics
Solution: Mugwump

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