Codycross Paris Group 260 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: 5th Cup Of Passover Seder Wine Intended Recipient
Solution: Elijah

Question: Chinese Zodiac Animals Repeat Every How Many Years
Solution: Twelve

Question: Commonly Known As Maru Deer Horn Weapon
Solution: Maduvu

Question: Dublins River Crossed By Hapenny Bridge
Solution: Liffey

Question: Frail Decrepit
Solution: Infirm

Question: Grass And Earth Thrown Up After A Golf Stroke
Solution: Divots

Question: Having Been Unsealed Accessed
Solution: Opened

Question: His Comet Returns To Earth Every 76 Years
Solution: Halley

Question: Indoor Breezes
Solution: Drafts

Question: Italian Grape Brandy
Solution: Grappa

Question: Japanese Motor Company With Leaf And Cherry Models
Solution: Nissan

Question: Notorious French Serial Killer Henri
Solution: Landru

Question: Primary Color That Mixed With Blue Makes Green
Solution: Yellow

Question: Speaks Slowly Like John Wayne
Solution: Drawls

Question: The Capital Of Comoros
Solution: Moroni

Question: The Largest Big Cats In The World
Solution: Tigers

Question: This Force Is Deadly
Solution: Lethal

Question: Tim Left Behind Author
Solution: Lahaye

Question: Time Spent Outdoors On A Blanket With Food
Solution: Picnic

Question: To Increase The Ticket Price
Solution: Mark up

Question: To Restructure
Solution: Reform

Question: Unique And Unrepeatable
Solution: One off

Question: Indians Boston Tea Party Indigenous Disguise
Solution: Mohawk

Question: Wrap Parcel Packaging Filled With Air
Solution: Bubble

Question: Get Into The Boy Youve Got To Prove
Solution: Groove

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