Codycross Paris Group 260 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Become Dispirited
Solution: Lose heart

Question: Begin To Grow Come To Life
Solution: Germinate

Question: Belle Of The Ball At School Party
Solution: Prom queen

Question: Character Who Is Decidedly Ungainly
Solution: Quasimodo

Question: Composer Of Ode To Joy
Solution: Beethoven

Question: French Chemist Outlined The Theory Of Combustion
Solution: Lavoisier

Question: Grilling Often With A Panel Before Getting A Job
Solution: Interview

Question: Lands Ruled Over By A Muslim Sovereign Ruler
Solution: Sultanate

Question: Los Peruvian Site Of Cloud Alien People
Solution: Pinchodos

Question: Office On Road Or Bridge That Collects Fees
Solution: Tollbooth

Question: Palazzo Del Residence Of The Italian President
Solution: Quirinale

Question: Pienza Sheep Cheese
Solution: Marzolino

Question: Seaport City In British Columbia Canada
Solution: Vancouver

Question: Set Of Questions Answered In Order To Land A Job
Solution: Interview

Question: Slobodan Serbian Prosecuted For War Crimes
Solution: Milosevic

Question: Strict Laws From Ancient Greece
Solution: Draconian

Question: US Inventor Developed A Steamboat In 1786
Solution: John fitch

Question: Weather System Bringing Low Temperatures
Solution: Cold front

Question: When It Feels Colder Because Of The Breeze
Solution: Windchill

Question: Where Marvin Gaye Heard It
Solution: Grapevine

Question: You Cant Make A Out Of A Sows Ear
Solution: Silk purse

Question: Mountain Most Oscar Nominated Film In 2006
Solution: Brokeback

Question: ONeal Former US Basketball Player
Solution: Shaquille

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