Codycross Paris Group 259 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Able To Read And Write
Solution: Literate

Question: British War Artist Famous For The Menin Road
Solution: Paul nash

Question: Buzz Lightyear And Other Playthings Come To Life
Solution: Toy story

Question: Central Swiss Canton Sarnen Is The Capital
Solution: Obwalden

Question: Cotton Fabric With Soft Pile Like Chamois
Solution: Moleskin

Question: Destroying
Solution: Wrecking

Question: Epidemic Disease Spread Across A Large Region
Solution: Pandemic

Question: Estadio Atanasio Medellin Colombia
Solution: Girardot

Question: Film Print In Which Light And Dark Are Reversed
Solution: Negative

Question: Flying Eerie Vessel Off The Cape Of Good Hope
Solution: Dutchman

Question: Frolicked
Solution: Cavorted

Question: HQ Of The International Olympic Committee
Solution: Lausanne

Question: Intertwined Festoons Of Flowers And Vegetation
Solution: Garlands

Question: Italian Poet Of Canzoniere Songbook
Solution: Petrarch

Question: Japanese City Terror Silverscreen Success
Solution: Godzilla

Question: Jomo Nairobis International Airport
Solution: Kenyatta

Question: Large Thin Crepe Zampanelle
Solution: Borlengo

Question: Largest Of The American Frogs
Solution: Bullfrog

Question: More In Need Of Food
Solution: Hungrier

Question: Moving As If Not To Be Seen
Solution: Sneaking

Question: Musical With Songs By ABBA
Solution: Mamma mia

Question: Niccolo Violinist Composer Of Caprices
Solution: Paganini

Question: Numbers With Six Zeros
Solution: Millions

Question: One Who Is Tall And Thin
Solution: Beanpole

Question: Person From The Country Whose Capital Is Gaborone
Solution: Motswana

Question: Second Roman Emperor Captain Kirks Middle Name
Solution: Tiberius

Question: Sir John Shakespeare Chap With Large Appetite
Solution: Falstaff

Question: The First Of Its Kind
Solution: Original

Question: When Life Deals You Lemons Make
Solution: Lemonade

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