Codycross Paris Group 259 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Device That Sprays Water
Solution: Sprinkler

Question: Brandon Known For His Mistborn Series
Solution: Sanderson

Question: Concrete Bridge The Design For Many Road Bridges
Solution: Box girder

Question: Decision Requiring No Thought
Solution: No brainer

Question: Fruit Popular In Pancakes
Solution: Blueberry

Question: Hotel Proprietor Of Olden Times
Solution: Innkeeper

Question: Inscrutably Codified
Solution: Encrypted

Question: Lindsay Former US No 1 Tennis Player
Solution: Davenport

Question: Nigerian Extremists Blamed For Mass Abductions
Solution: Boko haram

Question: Pansy Bullying Prefect In Harrys Year
Solution: Parkinson

Question: Paper Currency Of The US During American Civil War
Solution: Greenback

Question: Photograph Taken To Show A Wide View
Solution: Panoramic

Question: Riding At A Slower Pace Than Galloping
Solution: Cantering

Question: Safe Room For Storing Cash
Solution: Bank vault

Question: Scientific Study Of Ancient Inscriptions
Solution: Epigraphy

Question: Space Hulk Is A Game Set In The Universe
Solution: Warhammer

Question: Speech Sounds Are The Focus Of This Science
Solution: Phonology

Question: The Day Of The Week That Follows Tuesday
Solution: Wednesday

Question: US Stand Up Comedian Sarah
Solution: Silverman

Question: Verdi Opera From A Play By Friedrich Schiller
Solution: Don carlos

Question: Vodka And Cranberry Makes A Marine Wind
Solution: Seabreeze

Question: Network First 24 News Network
Solution: Cable news

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