Codycross Paris Group 259 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In
Solution: The bush

Question: A Form Or Variant Of A Type Or Original
Solution: Version

Question: Boat To Overturn Bottom Up
Solution: Capsize

Question: Brushed Cotton Fabric Used On Shirts PJs
Solution: Flannel

Question: Clear Reflective Material
Solution: Crystal

Question: Eyelet Of Hard Material Covering A Hole
Solution: Grommet

Question: In German Legend He Pulled A Sword From A Tree
Solution: Sigmund

Question: Ivory Tower
Solution: Retreat

Question: Johann II Wrote Blue Danube
Solution: Strauss

Question: Nightshade Plant Anagram Of Aunt Pie
Solution: Petunia

Question: Non Religious Not Affiliated To A Church
Solution: Secular

Question: North German City And Port On The River Alster
Solution: Hamburg

Question: Randy Johnsons Nickname The
Solution: Big unit

Question: Scorching Intense Eg Heat
Solution: Searing

Question: Singing Mom Of Kingston Zuma And Apollo Gwen
Solution: Stefani

Question: Something Given Without Charge
Solution: Freebie

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