Codycross Paris Group 259 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Karma Police Band
Solution: Radiohead

Question: A Woman Who Stays At Home To Care For The Children
Solution: Housewife

Question: Acrobatic Or Erotic Staff Boogie
Solution: Pole dance

Question: Country Associated With Gamelan Music
Solution: Indonesia

Question: Director Of Gallipoli And Picnic At Hanging Rock
Solution: Peter weir

Question: Gin Based Cocktail At The Raffles Hotel Sling
Solution: Singapore

Question: Greek King Murdered By Wife Clytemnestra
Solution: Agamemnon

Question: Internal Data Storage Device In A Computer
Solution: Disk drive

Question: North Sea Wetland Area With Rich Biodiversity
Solution: Wadden sea

Question: Not Permanent
Solution: Temporary

Question: Prejudicial System Abolished In S Africa By 1991
Solution: Apartheid

Question: Russian Tennis No 1 Maria
Solution: Sharapova

Question: Teri Hatcher Was A Desperate One On Wisteria Lane
Solution: Housewife

Question: Gains Dishonestly Obtained Goods
Solution: Ill gotten

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