Codycross Paris Group 259 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Australian City Hosting The 2000 Summer Olympics
Solution: Sydney

Question: Big Clumsy Fellow
Solution: Lummox

Question: Capital Of New Caledonia
Solution: Noumea

Question: Classic Pie Made With Tart Not Sweet Berries
Solution: Cherry

Question: Country Footpaths Followed By Hikers
Solution: Trails

Question: First English Poet Laureate Benjamin
Solution: Jonson

Question: Forerunner To The UN Of Nations
Solution: League

Question: Herbs With Numerous Types Lemon Wild Corsican
Solution: Thymes

Question: Lee Who Played The Six Million Dollar Man
Solution: Majors

Question: Quiet And Decorous
Solution: Demure

Question: Ran For The Door Fastened
Solution: Bolted

Question: Straight Line Conjunction Of Sun Earth And Moon
Solution: Syzygy

Question: Film Festival Golden Bear Award
Solution: Berlin

Question: Bells Ring Are You Listening
Solution: Sleigh

Question: Neckline An Off The Shoulder Look
Solution: Bardot

Question: Vest Beachware According To Saucy Postcards
Solution: String

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