Codycross Paris Group 258 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Chap Coming Out Into Society
Solution: Debutant

Question: Angers
Solution: Incenses

Question: Bicycles Riding One Behind The Other In Cycling
Solution: Drafting

Question: David Author Of Cloud Atlas
Solution: Mitchell

Question: Decorative Mineral Crystal Used In Jewelry
Solution: Gemstone

Question: Famous Hotel Chain Anagram Of North Sea
Solution: Sheraton

Question: First Disease For Which A Vaccine Was Invented
Solution: Smallpox

Question: Horse With Brown And White Patches
Solution: Skewbald

Question: In Good Spirits Merry
Solution: Cheerful

Question: Making A Societal Debut
Solution: Debutant

Question: Male Singing Voice Between Tenor And Bass
Solution: Baritone

Question: Meat Workers
Solution: Butchers

Question: Month When Many Countries Celebrate Nochebuena
Solution: December

Question: One Who Gathers Pieces For A Book
Solution: Compiler

Question: Pile Of Dried Grass Packed With A Pointed Top
Solution: Haystack

Question: Seth MacFarlane Created Dad
Solution: American

Question: Sixth Son Of Jacob His Mother Was Bilhah
Solution: Naphtali

Question: Stumbling Over An Obstacle
Solution: Tripping

Question: Takes His Or Her Clothes Off To Music For A Living
Solution: Stripper

Question: The Roosevelt Who Displayed A Teddy Bear
Solution: Theodore

Question: To Remain Local Rather Than Holidaying Abroad
Solution: Staycate

Question: To The French A Parapluie
Solution: Umbrella

Question: Transatlantic Air Service Created By Freddie Laker
Solution: Skytrain

Question: Working Of Bread Dough To Strengthen Gluten
Solution: Kneading

Question: Bank Water Extension Of Yucatan Peninsula
Solution: Campeche

Question: Bodily Harm Crime Causing Great Pain
Solution: Grievous

Question: Clock Another Name For A Grandfather Clock
Solution: Longcase

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