Codycross Paris Group 258 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: After Us The Said Madame De Pompadour
Solution: Deluge

Question: Boeing Rival
Solution: Airbus

Question: Card Game Deck Has No Twos To Sixes
Solution: Piquet

Question: Cause Of Laughter
Solution: Tickle

Question: Chemistry Paper To Test For Acid Or Alkaline
Solution: Litmus

Question: European Candy That Explodes When Mixed With Coke
Solution: Mentos

Question: European City Thats Home To St Vitus Cathedral
Solution: Prague

Question: Evil Dwarf
Solution: Goblin

Question: Family Of Comedian Brothers Damon Keenan
Solution: Wayans

Question: Flying Island In Gullivers Travels
Solution: Laputa

Question: Force Barriers Against Evil
Solution: Fields

Question: Fort New Mexico Where Billy The Kid Was Shot
Solution: Sumner

Question: Gullivers Forename
Solution: Lemuel

Question: In Music Instruction To Repeat From The Beginning
Solution: Da capo

Question: In Some Places The Kids Go Back To In Autumn
Solution: School

Question: Latin Football Fixture List Term Meaning Against
Solution: Versus

Question: Machu Citadel Of The Incas In The Andes
Solution: Picchu

Question: On The Way Arriving Approaching
Solution: Coming

Question: Protein Helps Chemical Reactions In Living Things
Solution: Enzyme

Question: RBI Run In
Solution: Batted

Question: Robert Former Leader Of Zimbabwe
Solution: Mugabe

Question: Some People Need A Big Cup Of This In The Morning
Solution: Coffee

Question: Spiced Indian Rice Dishes
Solution: Pilafs

Question: Tools Like A Vice That Hold Things In Place
Solution: Clamps

Question: Wildlife Plants Etc Not Made By Humans
Solution: Nature

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