Codycross Paris Group 258 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: An Island City State
Solution: Singapore

Question: Artificial Waterway Links The Elbe To The Baltic
Solution: Kiel canal

Question: Cooked By Being Submerged In Hot Oil
Solution: Deep fried

Question: Crusty Arthropods That Cover Rocks
Solution: Barnacles

Question: Dan Aykroyd Plays The Father Of This Alien Family
Solution: Coneheads

Question: Devoid Of Freedom Or Liberty
Solution: Captivity

Question: Exits Through Stages For Actors
Solution: Trapdoors

Question: Exits Through Stages In Theatres
Solution: Trapdoors

Question: Furniture For Playing Bridge
Solution: Card table

Question: Invented The Zoopraxiscope First Motion Pictures
Solution: Muybridge

Question: Istanbul In Ancient Times
Solution: Byzantium

Question: Mel Brooks Movie And Broadway Show
Solution: Producers

Question: Music Group Associated With Collieries
Solution: Brass band

Question: Neolithic Settlement On The Bay Of Skaill
Solution: Skara brae

Question: On 1 December Day People Wear A Red Ribbon
Solution: World aids

Question: Phantom Vessel With No Signs Of Life
Solution: Ghost ship

Question: Scientific Study Of Organic Tissues
Solution: Histology

Question: Single By Fleetwood Mac Or A Huge White Bird
Solution: Albatross

Question: Spanish Name Of Precious Green Stone
Solution: Esmeralda

Question: Sparkling Wine Used For Wedding Toasts
Solution: Champagne

Question: The Most Snooty Or Stuck Up
Solution: Snobbiest

Question: The Taking Over Of An Aircraft In Flight
Solution: Hijacking

Question: These Require You To Clean Hearth And Grate After
Solution: Open fires

Question: Vast Mass Of Comets 50 100000 AU From The Sun
Solution: Oort cloud

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