Codycross Paris Group 258 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Mighty Oaks From Little Grow
Solution: Acorns

Question: 2000 US Presidential Candidate And Eco Warrior
Solution: Al gore

Question: 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Mascot
Solution: Borobi

Question: African Lake Also Called Lake Nyasa
Solution: Malawi

Question: Australian City With A Famous Opera House
Solution: Sydney

Question: Blanche A Streetcar Named Desires Lead
Solution: Dubois

Question: Bowling Done In An Alley With Strikes
Solution: Ten pin

Question: Branching Tube Sponges Are Usually A Color
Solution: Yellow

Question: By No Means Unknown
Solution: Famous

Question: Covered In Curly Fibers Like A Sheep
Solution: Woolly

Question: Deficiency In Red Blood Cell Production
Solution: Anemia

Question: Empty Promises Such As Would Fill Flying Balloons
Solution: Hot air

Question: La Isla Spanish Style Madonna Single
Solution: Bonita

Question: Lancashire Film Star Famous For His Ukulele
Solution: Formby

Question: Pins On The Bottom Of Track Runners Shoes
Solution: Spikes

Question: Pretzel Like Deep Fried Maida Flour
Solution: Jalebi

Question: Religious Woman Who Heads A Convent
Solution: Abbess

Question: SI Derived Unit Of Pressure Named After Physicist
Solution: Pascal

Question: Someone Of Greater Age Sr Suffixed To Name
Solution: Senior

Question: Something That Causes Laughter
Solution: Jocose

Question: Street With Restricted Direction
Solution: One way

Question: The Coathangers And Opera Houses Home City
Solution: Sydney

Question: Time To Get The Jumpers And Scarves Out
Solution: Woolly

Question: Unrealistically High Price For Certain Assets
Solution: Bubble

Question: WWII US Navy Leader Fleet Admiral Chester W
Solution: Nimitz

Question: Wrote Hound Dog With Partner Stoller
Solution: Leiber

Question: Board Large Paper Used For Science Projects
Solution: Poster

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