Codycross Paris Group 257 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Little Bit Cold
Solution: Chilly

Question: Agents Of Spy And Superhero TV Series
Solution: Shield

Question: Ancient Curved Sword Of Indian Subcontinent
Solution: Talwar

Question: Blockage Standstill
Solution: Logjam

Question: Buddhisms Four Noble
Solution: Truths

Question: Burj Towering Sailing Boat Hotel In Dubai
Solution: Al arab

Question: Carved Artwork
Solution: Statue

Question: Common Name For The Academy Awards
Solution: Oscars

Question: Covered In Liquid Sugar
Solution: Glazed

Question: Device For Getting The Liquid Out Of Fruits
Solution: Juicer

Question: Director Of The 1996 Sci Fi Comedy Mars Attacks
Solution: Burton

Question: Fruit With The Outer Skin Layer Removed
Solution: Peeled

Question: Grain Eating Beetle
Solution: Weevil

Question: Job Of Robin Starveling A Shakespeares Mechanical
Solution: Tailor

Question: Kept Afloat
Solution: Buoyed

Question: List Of Acts
Solution: Lineup

Question: Norman Becomes A Halloween Themed Supervillain
Solution: Osborn

Question: Novel By Daniel Defoe Robinson
Solution: Crusoe

Question: Philadelphias Soaring Sports Team
Solution: Eagles

Question: Picturesque Waterfall Between Brazil And Argentina
Solution: Iguacu

Question: Pocket Sized Flat Folding Holder For Money
Solution: Wallet

Question: Roman Counterpart Of Hypnos Greek God Of Sleep
Solution: Somnus

Question: Scientist Isaac First To Observe Laws Of Motion
Solution: Newton

Question: Strike A Ball Before It Bounces
Solution: Volley

Question: Stuffed With Containing
Solution: Filled

Question: Took Someones Possessions By Force
Solution: Robbed

Question: Turbulent With Thunder And Lightning
Solution: Stormy

Question: Acar Turkish Artist
Solution: Ismail

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