Codycross Paris Group 257 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Not Waving But According To Stevie Smith
Solution: Drowning

Question: Better Prequel To Crime Drama Breaking Bad
Solution: Call saul

Question: Box Containing Cerebral Board Game
Solution: Chess set

Question: Buoyant Jacket
Solution: Life vest

Question: Champagne Cassis Cocktail
Solution: Kir royal

Question: Chief Cook
Solution: Head chef

Question: Country Noted For Its Ajiaco Stew
Solution: Colombia

Question: Diplomat And Chief Weapons Inspector Over Iraq
Solution: Hans blix

Question: Dust Form Of Volcanic Rock
Solution: Pumicite

Question: Egyptian Red Sea Resort Popular With Divers
Solution: Hurghada

Question: Former French President With Dutch Sounding Name
Solution: Hollande

Question: Gaudis Stone Quarry Building In Barcelona
Solution: Casa mila

Question: Gritty Or Grainy The Composition Of Certain Rocks
Solution: Granular

Question: Guards The Entrance To Hades In Greek Mythology
Solution: Cerberus

Question: Hazardous Coating On Road Surfaces In Winter
Solution: Black ice

Question: Hunts The Prey
Solution: Predator

Question: Irregular In Frequency
Solution: Sporadic

Question: Jelena Former Serbian No 1 Tennis Player
Solution: Jankovic

Question: Judas Treacherous Act Against Jesus
Solution: Betrayal

Question: Largest Land Mammal Hunted For Its Ivory Tusks
Solution: Elephant

Question: Making Decorative Items By Hand
Solution: Crafting

Question: Money Workers Claim Back Eg Snacks For Meetings
Solution: Expenses

Question: Nickname Of A Former Female British Prime Minister
Solution: Iron lady

Question: Perceives Recognizes
Solution: Discerns

Question: Police Departments Jurisdiction
Solution: Precinct

Question: Popular Amusement Park Chain With Banners
Solution: Six flags

Question: Predominant Religion Of Thailand
Solution: Buddhism

Question: Rare Metal Element W Used In Light Bulb Filaments
Solution: Tungsten

Question: Robin Actor Of Mrs Doubtfire
Solution: Williams

Question: Russian Rocket Pioneer Responsible For Sputnik I
Solution: Korolyov

Question: Savings That Youre Forced To Make In Hard Times
Solution: Cutbacks

Question: Tomaso Vivaldi Contemporary Italian Composer
Solution: Albinoni

Question: War Memorial For Fallen Soldiers Buried Elsewhere
Solution: Cenotaph

Question: Weblog Publishing Site Diary Dot Com
Solution: Blogspot

Question: What Spielberg Did With ET Jaws Indiana Jones
Solution: Directed

Question: White Goods Brand Famous For Washing Machines
Solution: Hotpoint

Question: Gulbenkian Armenian Philanthropist
Solution: Calouste

Question: Silver Quartermaster Under Captain Flint
Solution: Long john

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