Codycross Paris Group 257 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Card Game With Variants Callabra And Papillon
Solution: Cassino

Question: Corpus Feast On Thursday After Trinity Sunday
Solution: Christi

Question: Do It While The Sun Shines
Solution: Make hay

Question: Engraver Of Beer Street And Gin Alley
Solution: Hogarth

Question: French Car Brand Whose Badge Features A Lozenge
Solution: Renault

Question: Gives His Name To Industrial Framebreakers
Solution: Ned ludd

Question: Gulf Name Aka Arabian Gulf And Gulf Of Iran
Solution: Persian

Question: Holiday Festive Knitwear With Amusing Images
Solution: Sweater

Question: Mr And Mrs Gainsboroughs Landed Gentry Couple
Solution: Andrews

Question: Person Who Moves In The Water Professionally
Solution: Swimmer

Question: Person With Ginger Hair
Solution: Redhead

Question: Place In Your Home Where You Sleep
Solution: Bedroom

Question: Reach Out And Touch
Solution: Contact

Question: Singer Of The Novelty Song The Streak Ray
Solution: Stevens

Question: Spirit Of The Statuette On Rolls Royces
Solution: Ecstasy

Question: Study Of Animals
Solution: Zoology

Question: TV Series About The Worlds Most Famous Vampire
Solution: Dracula

Question: The Night Of This Present Day
Solution: Tonight

Question: They Allow A Body To Move Around
Solution: Muscles

Question: To Stay Away From Others Without Having Any Contact
Solution: Isolate

Question: Tony Sang I Left My Heart In San Francisco
Solution: Bennett

Question: Universal Theme Parks In Florida And Japan
Solution: Studios

Question: Vietnamese Mooncake
Solution: Banh pia

Question: Burgess English Writer And Composer
Solution: Anthony

Question: Are Masters Of The Light Side In Star Wars
Solution: The jedi

Question: Harvester Large Machine That Threshes Grain
Solution: Combine

Question: Row The Boat Ashore Slave Spiritual
Solution: Michael

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