Codycross Paris Group 257 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: 1961 Ben E Kings Hit Song
Solution: Stand by me

Question: Actor Who Played The Patriarch Of Addams Family
Solution: Raul julia

Question: Agriculturalist Who Rears Pork
Solution: Pig farmer

Question: Aussie Town In Northern Territory With Female Name
Solution: Katherine

Question: Citric Dessert Spread Used As Topping
Solution: Fruit curd

Question: Collectible Objects To Do With Warfare
Solution: Militaria

Question: Comedy Central Animated TV Series
Solution: South park

Question: Evonne Leading Aussie Tennis Player In The 70s
Solution: Goolagong

Question: Hemline Well Above The Knee
Solution: Mini skirt

Question: Hemline Well Above The Knee Tiny Clothing
Solution: Mini skirt

Question: MMS Multimedia Service
Solution: Messaging

Question: Picturesque Volcanic Peak In Japan
Solution: Mount fuji

Question: Romantic Tale
Solution: Love story

Question: Signals And Communication Using Flags
Solution: Semaphore

Question: Something Totally Unexpected Or Out Of The Blue
Solution: Curve ball

Question: Spinal Bones
Solution: Vertebrae

Question: St Pauls Epistle To The People Of Galatia
Solution: Galatians

Question: Task Carried On Outside The Lab
Solution: Fieldwork

Question: 64 Early 80s 8 Bit Home Computer
Solution: Commodore

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