Codycross Paris Group 256 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Ace Venturas Saved This NFL Teams Mascot
Solution: Dolphins

Question: Athletic Event With A Bar To Clear
Solution: High jump

Question: Best Position To Put Someone Unconscious In
Solution: Recovery

Question: Britains Largest Train Station
Solution: Waterloo

Question: Buy This In A Sports Shop For Dipping In A Pool
Solution: Swimwear

Question: Drawing Aimlessly
Solution: Doodling

Question: Elevation That Rises From The Ocean Floor
Solution: Seamount

Question: First Roman Emperor Caesar
Solution: Augustus

Question: French Family Of Deep Sea Explorers
Solution: Cousteau

Question: Large N American Amphibian Known For Noisy Croak
Solution: Bullfrog

Question: Lil Abners Hometown
Solution: Dogpatch

Question: Little Miss It Shows A Trip And A Beauty Pageant
Solution: Sunshine

Question: Male Employee On A Ship Who Helps Passengers
Solution: Cabin boy

Question: Match At Which People Abuse Each Other Verbally
Solution: Slanging

Question: Moving Around And Around Spinning
Solution: Whirling

Question: Name Of 16 Popes Inc The Former Pope Emeritus
Solution: Benedict

Question: Nevsky St Petersburgs Main Road
Solution: Prospekt

Question: No News Is
Solution: Good news

Question: Norodom King PM And President Of Cambodia
Solution: Sihanouk

Question: North East Indian State Whose Capital Is Kohima
Solution: Nagaland

Question: Place Where Fiction And Non Fiction Is Sold
Solution: Bookshop

Question: Practical Joking And Deception
Solution: Trickery

Question: Process Also Known As Hydraulic Fracturing
Solution: Fracking

Question: Roasted Game Bird Eaten With Chestnut Stuffing
Solution: Pheasant

Question: Robin Mork Mindy Star
Solution: Williams

Question: Showing Extreme Expression Of Emotion Emphatic
Solution: Vehement

Question: Sir Edwin Sculptor Of Trafalgar Square Lions
Solution: Landseer

Question: Sits On The Tongue And Identifies Sweet And Sour
Solution: Taste bud

Question: The Amount Of Labor A Person Has To Do
Solution: Workload

Question: The Apparent Change In Position Of An Object
Solution: Parallax

Question: Thirstquencher Of A Caribbean Party Sharing Drink
Solution: Rum punch

Question: Wellingtons Nickname
Solution: Iron duke

Question: Winds Or Helicopters
Solution: Chinooks

Question: Youngster Aboard Ship
Solution: Cabin boy

Question: Cry Sports Warcry To Motivate Team
Solution: Rallying

Question: Grise Exerts Power Without Official Position
Solution: Eminence

Question: Heel A Vulnerable Point Name Of A Greek Hero
Solution: Achilles

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