Codycross Paris Group 256 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Actively Look For People To Hire
Solution: Recruit

Question: Author Of The Day Of The Jackal Frederick
Solution: Forsyth

Question: Burj Dubai Skyscraper Tallest In The World
Solution: Khalifa

Question: Far From Close Or Near
Solution: Distant

Question: Mary Dr Watsons Wife In The Sherlock Tales
Solution: Morstan

Question: Riding Of Air Currents Not Flying Or Levitation
Solution: Gliding

Question: Roman Senator Lead Among Those Who Stabbed Caesar
Solution: Cassius

Question: Spiders Make Lots Of These In Autumn Gardens
Solution: Cobwebs

Question: TV Oldtimer Health And Fitness Guru Richard
Solution: Simmons

Question: The Best Things In Life
Solution: Are free

Question: To Care For And Encourage Development
Solution: Nurture

Question: To Have Authority Over A Military Unit
Solution: Command

Question: Uphill Stretches Of The Tour De France Race
Solution: Ascents

Question: Bomb Red Bull Cocktail Named After Candy
Solution: Skittle

Question: Meekley Wacky Races Pal Of Sergeant Blasts
Solution: Private

Question: To My Life Simple Plan Song
Solution: Welcome

Question: At Bernies 1989 US Dark Comedy
Solution: Weekend

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