Codycross Paris Group 255 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Au Means Goodbye In French
Solution: Revoir

Question: A Participant In Game Played In An Alley
Solution: Bowler

Question: C 3PO Was Built By In Star Wars Episode 1
Solution: Anakin

Question: Cell Created When A Sperm Fertilizes An Egg
Solution: Zygote

Question: Dust Storms Occurring In Arid Regions
Solution: Haboob

Question: Japanese Religion Honors Natural World Deities
Solution: Shinto

Question: Julia Louis Dreyfus Played Her On Seinfeld
Solution: Elaine

Question: Last Name Of The Count Of Monte Cristo
Solution: Dantes

Question: Miami Hurricanes Play In Coral FL
Solution: Gables

Question: Premeditated Unlawful Action Of Killing Someone
Solution: Murder

Question: Roasted Bird That Is A Traditional Christmas Feast
Solution: Turkey

Question: Sailors Suffered From This Disease Lack Of Vit C
Solution: Scurvy

Question: Shoe That Needs To Be Tied
Solution: Lace up

Question: Spanish Eat 12 At Midnight At New Year For Luck
Solution: Grapes

Question: Storage For Pirate Plunder
Solution: Chests

Question: Swiss Chemist Who Invented An Updated Oil Lamp
Solution: Argand

Question: Teasing Mocking
Solution: Jibing

Question: The Baltic States Are Estonia Lithuania And
Solution: Latvia

Question: US Probe That Met Up With Halleys Comet In 1986
Solution: Giotto

Question: Where Something Begins
Solution: Origin

Question: Whistle Exposes Illegal Unethical Conduct
Solution: Blower

Question: Reviver A Mix Strong Enough To Raise The Dead
Solution: Corpse

Question: Squad Former Military Execution Method
Solution: Firing

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