Codycross Paris Group 254 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Branch Of Mathematics
Solution: Geometry

Question: A Branch Of Mathematics That Deals With Shapes
Solution: Geometry

Question: Annually Each Year
Solution: Per annum

Question: Board Game Where A Player May Land On Chance
Solution: Monopoly

Question: Brittany Region As Said By A Frenchman
Solution: Bretagne

Question: Bruising Of The Eye Or Eyelid Also Called Shiner
Solution: Blackeye

Question: Building For Arrivals And Departures At An Airport
Solution: Terminal

Question: Dry Italian Cookies To Eat With Coffee
Solution: Biscotti

Question: Explaining Describing
Solution: Defining

Question: Got Very Good At Acquired A New Skill
Solution: Mastered

Question: Low Cost German Airline With Green Logo
Solution: Germania

Question: Mineral Used In Making Glass
Solution: Fluorite

Question: Orange Red Berry Like Fruit Of Thorny Flowers
Solution: Rose hips

Question: Primitive Marine Mollusc With Spiral Shell
Solution: Nautilus

Question: Reba US Country Singer Actress
Solution: Mcentire

Question: Roald Dahls First Childrens Book The
Solution: Gremlins

Question: Roald Dahls Small Mythical Creatures
Solution: Gremlins

Question: She Plays Katniss In The Hunger Games Movies
Solution: Lawrence

Question: Sideshow Mel Is Krustys In The Simpsons
Solution: Sidekick

Question: Stade National Stadium In Paris
Solution: De france

Question: Table Mountain Overlooks This South African City
Solution: Cape town

Question: The Second Highest Ranking Of Angels
Solution: Cherubim

Question: Type Of Pipe Smoked By Sherlock Holmes On Screen
Solution: Calabash

Question: Widely Known As The First Synthetic Plastic
Solution: Bakelite

Question: Chameleon Has Large Horns On Its Head
Solution: Jacksons

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