Codycross Paris Group 254 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Of Their Own With Tom Hanks And Madonna
Solution: League

Question: Antonym Of Never
Solution: Always

Question: Attention Seeking Cry Of A Pirate
Solution: Yo ho ho

Question: Coarse Fabric Often Used In Sacking
Solution: Burlap

Question: Coloring Fabric By Knotting String Round Sections
Solution: Tie dye

Question: Country Where Lech Walesa Served As President
Solution: Poland

Question: Cricket Bat Tree That Helps To Alleviate Back Pain
Solution: Willow

Question: Curiosity Killed It
Solution: The cat

Question: Doggy Channel South Of Tierra Del Fuego
Solution: Beagle

Question: Entry Level Light Aircraft
Solution: Cessna

Question: Ernst Stadion Hosted 2008 Euro Games
Solution: Happel

Question: Give Lines To A Forgetful Actor
Solution: Prompt

Question: Jack Paleontologist Researched Dinosaurs DNA
Solution: Horner

Question: Kevin Plays Francis Underwood In House Of Cards
Solution: Spacey

Question: Kidnapper Abductor
Solution: Captor

Question: Like A Jogger But Faster
Solution: Runner

Question: Magically Animated Beings Of Jewish Mythology
Solution: Golems

Question: Occupation Of The Fictional Character Sweeney Todd
Solution: Barber

Question: Of Or Relating To Dogs
Solution: Canine

Question: Posh Pancakes From France Rolled And Filled
Solution: Crepes

Question: Prepare A Meal Simply With A Single Cooking Vessel
Solution: One pot

Question: Roller Shoes With Built In Wheels
Solution: Heelys

Question: Shiny Metallic Finish On Desks And Chairs
Solution: Chrome

Question: Small Long Handled Shallow Pan For Sauteeing
Solution: Poelon

Question: The Hindu Class System Divides People Into
Solution: Castes

Question: This Government Style Lasted 1500 Years In Rome
Solution: Empire

Question: To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before Star Trek
Solution: Boldly

Question: What Slot Machines Are Called In Australia
Solution: Pokies

Question: Written Communication
Solution: Notice

Question: Babies Collectible Soft Animals Made By Ty
Solution: Beanie

Question: Oil Nutty Seed Essence Used In Chinese Cookery
Solution: Sesame

Question: Reels Form Part Of A Needleworkers Collection
Solution: Cotton

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