Codycross Paris Group 254 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Full Life Enjoyed During Many Years
Solution: Long lived

Question: Armored Mammal That Curls Into A Ball
Solution: Armadillo

Question: Black Beautys Stablemates Ginger And
Solution: Merrylegs

Question: Grab A Tree For Luck
Solution: Touch wood

Question: Holder Of Grilled Bread At Breakfast Table
Solution: Toast rack

Question: Insurance Claim Investigators
Solution: Adjusters

Question: Its All About Beauty
Solution: Aesthetic

Question: Italian Jewish Writer Of If This Is A Man
Solution: Primo levi

Question: Novelty Lighting With Warmed Wax Blobs In Glass
Solution: Lava lamps

Question: Old Style Personal Printer
Solution: Dot matrix

Question: Part Of A Choreographers Routine
Solution: Dance step

Question: Small Wooden Stick Used After A Meal
Solution: Toothpick

Question: The Main Character Of The Tomb Raider Games
Solution: Lara croft

Question: Tiny Breed Of Dog Named After A Big Mexican State
Solution: Chihuahua

Question: WWI Training Grounds Like At Etaples Mutiny
Solution: Bullrings

Question: The Post Voting System Where Winner Takes All
Solution: First past

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