Codycross Paris Group 254 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Argentinian Archipelago Del Fuego
Solution: Tierra

Question: Benjamin With A Curious Case
Solution: Button

Question: Best Film Oscar Directed By A Woman The Hurt
Solution: Locker

Question: Charity Begins Here
Solution: At home

Question: Country Called The Land Of Milk And Honey
Solution: Israel

Question: Dam Busters Target With The Sorbe And Eder
Solution: Moehne

Question: Deeply Established Embedded
Solution: Rooted

Question: Federal Republic Of Yugoslavia Montenegro And
Solution: Serbia

Question: Female Collie Has Been In Film TV And Radio
Solution: Lassie

Question: Female English Fossil Finder Mary
Solution: Anning

Question: George Main Spy Of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Solution: Smiley

Question: Glitzy French Riviera Resort Saint
Solution: Tropez

Question: Money Earned Through Work
Solution: Income

Question: Online Retailer Founded By Jeff Bezos
Solution: Amazon

Question: Pam Who Played Mindy In Mork And Mindy
Solution: Dawber

Question: Public Display Of Acknowledgement Or Respect
Solution: Homage

Question: Red Head In Love With Betty And Veronica
Solution: Archie

Question: Ricky Torch Bearer Of Late 90s Latin Craze
Solution: Martin

Question: Sacking Of This Financier Started The French Rev
Solution: Necker

Question: Someone Who Fuses Metals For A Living
Solution: Welder

Question: Spanish Word For State
Solution: Estado

Question: The Current Capital Of Tanzania
Solution: Dodoma

Question: Wooden Structure Used In Factories
Solution: Pallet

Question: Cord Vital Part Of The Central Nervous System
Solution: Spinal

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