Codycross Paris Group 253 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Precision Shooter Is An Expert
Solution: Marksman

Question: A Woodwind Instrument With A Reed Mouthpiece
Solution: Clarinet

Question: Canine Companion For The Unsighted
Solution: Guide dog

Question: Describes A 0 0 Draw In Football
Solution: Goalless

Question: Empresses Of Russia
Solution: Tsarinas

Question: First President Of Kenya As An Independent Nation
Solution: Kenyatta

Question: Jackie Famous No 42 For Brooklyn Dodgers
Solution: Robinson

Question: Legendary Literary Critic Frye
Solution: Northrop

Question: Monty Burnss Assistant In The Simpsons
Solution: Smithers

Question: New Zealand Movie Set Offering Tours
Solution: Hobbiton

Question: Not Straight Forward
Solution: Indirect

Question: On A Snail They Are Retractable
Solution: Antennae

Question: Pirates Handheld Optical Aid
Solution: Spyglass

Question: Region Of Calm Winds Near The Equator
Solution: Doldrums

Question: Strong Green Liquor Nicknamed The Green Fairy
Solution: Absinthe

Question: The Blues Stars John Belushi And Dan Aykroyd
Solution: Brothers

Question: The Title Given To The Daughter Of A Tsar
Solution: Tsarevna

Question: There Are 17 20 Species Of These Flightless Birds
Solution: Penguins

Question: Kingdom Brunel Steamship Pioneer
Solution: Isambard

Question: Zwingli Swiss Religious Reformer
Solution: Huldrych

Question: Order Or A PO
Solution: Purchase

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