Codycross Paris Group 253 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: 70s Utopia Dystopia Flick Run
Solution: Logans

Question: Berry Gordys Music From Motor Town
Solution: Motown

Question: Country Where Monte Carlo Is Located
Solution: Monaco

Question: Frenchman Who Led The First Crusade Peter The
Solution: Hermit

Question: Heavyset SNL Star Died Tragically At 33
Solution: Farley

Question: Infamous Letter Writing Killer In 1960s California
Solution: Zodiac

Question: Jack White Fang Author
Solution: London

Question: Kitchen Utensil For Removing The Pits Of Cherries
Solution: Stoner

Question: Large White Seabird With Yellow Head
Solution: Gannet

Question: Lowest Rank Of Zoroastrian Priesthood
Solution: Herbad

Question: Military Nickname For The Game Of Darts
Solution: Arrows

Question: Musical Pieces Or Decrees In Law
Solution: Canons

Question: Neck Accessory For Male Evening Suit
Solution: Bow tie

Question: Oldest University In English Speaking World
Solution: Oxford

Question: Penultimate King Of Egypt And Sudan
Solution: Farouk

Question: Roman God Of Fires And Volcanoes
Solution: Vulcan

Question: Scanty Not Enough
Solution: Meagre

Question: Small Wooden Tool For Making A Hole For Planting
Solution: Dibber

Question: Title Or Address For An Italian Man
Solution: Signor

Question: To Give In A Completed Assignment
Solution: Hand in

Question: Under At Risk Of Becoming Extinct
Solution: Threat

Question: Dawg Cartoon Canine Sheriffs No 2
Solution: Deputy

Question: Electric Power Stadium Nicknamed Big Swan
Solution: Tohoku

Question: Run Utopian No One Above Age Of 30
Solution: Logans

Question: Sutherland Flatliners Star
Solution: Kiefer

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