Codycross Paris Group 253 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Appliance For Keeping Food Ice Cold
Solution: Freezer

Question: Axilspot Are Red Brown With White Spots
Solution: Hogfish

Question: Beethovens Only Opera
Solution: Fidelio

Question: Collectibles In Metal Currency Form
Solution: Coinage

Question: Dogs Poker Famous Canine Portrait
Solution: Playing

Question: Great Wall Giant East Asian Brickwork
Solution: Of china

Question: Greet
Solution: Welcome

Question: John Dexter Villain Interstellar Actor
Solution: Lithgow

Question: Luck Of Is A Drawing Game
Solution: The draw

Question: Luck Of Is A Drawing Game From 2006
Solution: The draw

Question: Medicine Used For Pain And To Thin Blood
Solution: Aspirin

Question: Midwestern Dumpling
Solution: Pierogi

Question: Moving Your Body To A Tune
Solution: Dancing

Question: Name Popularly Given To Early Humans
Solution: Cavemen

Question: Name That Julius Caesar Gave To Present Day Paris
Solution: Lutetia

Question: Nino Italian Stylist And Wool Business Owner
Solution: Cerruti

Question: One Of Britains Biggest Football Clubs
Solution: Arsenal

Question: Other Times Other
Solution: Manners

Question: Popular US Breakfast With Maple Syrup
Solution: Pancake

Question: Procedure To Find Cause Of Death
Solution: Autopsy

Question: Professional Started With Science Kit As Kid
Solution: Chemist

Question: Sour Liquid Table Condiment
Solution: Vinegar

Question: Strolling Taking Steps Using Your Legs
Solution: Walking

Question: The Eighth Sign Of The Zodiac In Astrology
Solution: Scorpio

Question: The Reversed P Paragraph Symbol
Solution: Pilcrow

Question: Truthfulness
Solution: Honesty

Question: Umbrella Toting Fictional Character Mary
Solution: Poppins

Question: Upward Moving Current Of Air
Solution: Updraft

Question: Henry Frenchman Led Arsenal In Scoring
Solution: Thierry

Question: Control Of The Force That Attracts Us To Earth
Solution: Gravity

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