Codycross Paris Group 253 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Anya Bag Lady Of Im Not A Plastic Bag
Solution: Hindmarch

Question: Arm Test Of Upper Body Strength
Solution: Wrestling

Question: Birds Whose Eggs Are The Biggest
Solution: Ostriches

Question: Climb It To Eat Something Fresh
Solution: Fruit tree

Question: Daily Frequency
Solution: Quotidian

Question: Daughter Of Agamemnon And Clytemnestra
Solution: Iphigenia

Question: Derogatory 1980s Term For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Solution: Yuppie flu

Question: Dolphins Quarterback Who Starred In Many Movies
Solution: Dan marino

Question: End Of Year Festivities Cookies Santa Reindeer
Solution: Christmas

Question: End Of Year Festivities With Santa Reindeer
Solution: Christmas

Question: Largest Island In The Maluku Archipelago
Solution: Halmahera

Question: Leaving
Solution: Departing

Question: Lotion To Protect Skin From Harmful Rays
Solution: Sunscreen

Question: Nationality Of Verdis Opera Princess Aida
Solution: Ethiopian

Question: Nazca Desert Mountaintop Alien Landing Site
Solution: Palpa flat

Question: Not The Glass Of An Optimist
Solution: Half empty

Question: Polymers Developed By Frederick Kipping
Solution: Silicones

Question: Robinson Crusoes Companion
Solution: Man friday

Question: Smooth Rock For Grinding Grain
Solution: Millstone

Question: Supposedly Allegedly
Solution: Purported

Question: Turkish Tax System Of Enrollment Of Christian Boys
Solution: Devshirme

Question: Weighed Up Evidence
Solution: Evaluated

Question: Taylor Actress Of Cleopatra
Solution: Elizabeth

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