Codycross Paris Group 252 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Small Rocky Body That Orbits The Sun
Solution: Asteroid

Question: Author Of All Quiet On The Western Front
Solution: Remarque

Question: Blue Pink Spring Flowers From Bulbs
Solution: Hyacinth

Question: Eddie Vedders Band
Solution: Pearl jam

Question: Evened Out
Solution: Averaged

Question: French Sun King With Palace At Versailles
Solution: Louis xiv

Question: Hallway Furniture Near The Door
Solution: Hatstand

Question: In Tennis A Ball That Just Gets Over The Net
Solution: Drop shot

Question: Internal Communications System
Solution: Intercom

Question: Journey Album 1978
Solution: Infinity

Question: Large Long Tailed Bird With Beautiful Feathers
Solution: Pheasant

Question: Miniature Railroad For The Young And Young At Heart
Solution: Train set

Question: One Of The Most Famous British Monarchs Ever
Solution: Victoria

Question: Plentifully
Solution: In spades

Question: Retired Serbian Tennis Player Ana
Solution: Ivanovic

Question: Singing Group Associated With Diana Ross
Solution: Supremes

Question: Soaking Food In Liquid To Extract Flavor
Solution: Steeping

Question: Soaking Food In Liquid To Infuse
Solution: Steeping

Question: The Return Of The Son Rembrandt Painting
Solution: Prodigal

Question: Times Standard Font
Solution: New roman

Question: To Do Or Say Something Shocking Raise
Solution: Eyebrows

Question: Trans Railway Linking Moscow With Vladivostok
Solution: Siberian

Question: Leia Kills Jabba The Hutt In Episode 6
Solution: Princess

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