Codycross Paris Group 252 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Person Who Owns Or Manages A Farm
Solution: Farmer

Question: AS Roma Plays Soccer In This Italian League
Solution: Serie a

Question: Attorney Counsellor
Solution: Lawyer

Question: Author Of The Handmaids Tale Margaret
Solution: Atwood

Question: Bone In The Wrist
Solution: Carpus

Question: Country Claims Part Of Kosovo Capital Belgrade
Solution: Serbia

Question: Eager Impatient
Solution: Raring

Question: Ferdinand Marcos Shoe Loving Widow
Solution: Imelda

Question: Frasier Cranes First Wife
Solution: Lilith

Question: Golden Fruit Similar In Appearance To A Pear
Solution: Quince

Question: Gulf Strait Of The Arabian Sea
Solution: Of oman

Question: Harrys Snowy Owl
Solution: Hedwig

Question: Jacqueline French Flyer Who Set Speed Records
Solution: Auriol

Question: Language Spoken In Scotland And Ireland
Solution: Gaelic

Question: Little Degas Sculpture Of Ballet Student
Solution: Dancer

Question: Manufacturer Of Lipitor
Solution: Pfizer

Question: Microsofts Software Suite
Solution: Office

Question: Norse Dwarf Turns Into A Dragon Killed By Sigurd
Solution: Fafnir

Question: Onto A Ship Or Plane Climb
Solution: Aboard

Question: Proviso In A Contract
Solution: Clause

Question: Rich Successful Globetrotters
Solution: Jetset

Question: Robert Plays DiCaprios Dad In This Boys Life
Solution: De niro

Question: Satans Little Comedy Horror Film Pun
Solution: Helper

Question: Spicy Root Can Be Used In Sweet Or Savory Food
Solution: Ginger

Question: Sub Unit Of The Zloty Polands Currency
Solution: Groszy

Question: Subject Theme Topic
Solution: Matter

Question: TV Mom Since 2013 Allison
Solution: Janney

Question: The Millennium Is Han Solos Ship In Star Wars
Solution: Falcon

Question: The Best Thing Since Bread
Solution: Sliced

Question: Thin Fruit Dessert Topping From Eastern Europe
Solution: Slatko

Question: Conrad Chief Bureaucrat On Futurama
Solution: Hermes

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