Codycross Paris Group 252 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Collection Of Online Pages For A Company
Solution: Website

Question: Fred And Wilma Flintstones Daughter
Solution: Pebbles

Question: Freedom
Solution: Liberty

Question: Highest Officer Rank In The US Army
Solution: General

Question: Historical Delhi Residence Of Mughal Emperors
Solution: Red fort

Question: Londons Macabre Historical Attraction
Solution: Dungeon

Question: Naval Battle Between The Ottomans And Holy League
Solution: Lepanto

Question: Often Ice Bound Gulf Between Sweden And Finland
Solution: Bothnia

Question: Omission Of A Passage In A Book Speech Or Film
Solution: Elision

Question: Oscars Last Name On The Odd Couple
Solution: Madison

Question: Prehistoric Remains In Stone
Solution: Fossils

Question: Slang For Prison Describes The Closing Of Doors
Solution: Slammer

Question: Someone Who Trespasses Or Steals
Solution: Poacher

Question: Standing Long Jump Expert In Early 20th Century
Solution: Ray ewry

Question: The Dalai Lama Is A Central Figure In Buddhism
Solution: Tibetan

Question: To Gulp And Ingest Food Or Drink
Solution: Swallow

Question: Vivaldi Composer Of The Four Seasons
Solution: Antonio

Question: Oxide Aka Laughing Gas
Solution: Nitrous

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