Codycross Paris Group 251 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Announcer On The Muppet Show The Frog
Solution: Kermit

Question: Charles Dickens French Aristocrat
Solution: Darnay

Question: Chronicles Of Prince Caspian Is A 2008 Movie
Solution: Narnia

Question: Day Of The Week That Starts The Sabbath
Solution: Friday

Question: Describes The Network Of Electricity In A House
Solution: Wiring

Question: Dust Used In Concrete
Solution: Cement

Question: Former Name Of Chennai And A Lightweight Fabric
Solution: Madras

Question: French Author Of The Play No Exit Jean Paul
Solution: Sartre

Question: Important To Economy Longest South African River
Solution: Orange

Question: Judas Band Known For Breaking The Law
Solution: Priest

Question: Lech Polish Trade Unionist And President
Solution: Walesa

Question: Male Swimming Bottoms Chests
Solution: Trunks

Question: One Makes Several French Fries
Solution: Potato

Question: Pirate Ship Blaster
Solution: Cannon

Question: Puppet Play From Bali And Java
Solution: Wayang

Question: Red British Flag Seen At Sea
Solution: Ensign

Question: Rhyming Term For An Important Person
Solution: Big wig

Question: Small Measure Of Liquor
Solution: Noggin

Question: Snowy Month Of The French Revolutionary Calendar
Solution: Nivose

Question: Spanish F1 Racing Driver Fernando
Solution: Alonso

Question: The Persistence Of By Dali If You Can Remember
Solution: Memory

Question: The Ultimatum Part Of Matt Damons Franchise
Solution: Bourne

Question: To Choose Something Or Someone Over Others
Solution: Select

Question: Triangular Indian Pastry With Spicy Filling
Solution: Samosa

Question: What Humans Breathe
Solution: Oxygen

Question: You Put Your Head Here When You Are Sleeping
Solution: Pillow

Question: Cancer Day Is Marked By Wearing A Pink Ribbon
Solution: Breast

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