Codycross Paris Group 251 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Awkward And Not Graceful
Solution: Ungainly

Question: Backcombed Hairstyle
Solution: Bouffant

Question: Confidentially
Solution: Secretly

Question: Container Of Varied Objects
Solution: Mixed bag

Question: Door To Door Group Singing Of Christmas Songs
Solution: Caroling

Question: Five Robots Combined In The Power Rangers Series
Solution: Megazord

Question: Form Of Marriage With Multiple Wives
Solution: Polygyny

Question: Imitative Work That Nods At Another Work Or Style
Solution: Pastiche

Question: Literary Publication Used By Students In School
Solution: Textbook

Question: Ohio State Play Football At Ohio Stadium
Solution: Buckeyes

Question: Peruvian Or Greek Tunes Are Played On These
Solution: Panpipes

Question: Pink Hued Nickname Of Petra Jordan
Solution: Rose city

Question: Reached The North Pole Under The Ice Cap 1958
Solution: Nautilus

Question: Reject A Decision By A Superior
Solution: Overrule

Question: Sacerdotal
Solution: Priestly

Question: Semiaquatic Egg Laying Duck Billed Mammal
Solution: Platypus

Question: Snack Made With Granola Dried Fruits And Nuts
Solution: Trail mix

Question: Strongman Buys Girl In Fellinis Mythology Film
Solution: La strada

Question: To Pervade Pass Through
Solution: Permeate

Question: Traffic Signal Meaning Stop
Solution: Red light

Question: When A Man Has Two Or More Wives
Solution: Polygyny

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