Codycross Paris Group 251 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: 1989 Bond Film To Kill
Solution: Licence

Question: Convertible Car
Solution: Soft top

Question: Edible Upper Half Of The Broccoli
Solution: Florets

Question: Ergonomics Is The Of Things Fitting People
Solution: Science

Question: Gainsborough Portrait Of Young Man In Satin
Solution: Blue boy

Question: Grape Ape Was Created By Hanna In 1975
Solution: Barbera

Question: Impressive Cave Scribblings At Lascaux France
Solution: Rock art

Question: Kidding Around
Solution: Playing

Question: Maiden Name Of Margaret Thatcher
Solution: Roberts

Question: Mr Eiffel Who Built An Iconic French Tower
Solution: Gustave

Question: Northern Illinois Play Football From DeKalb IL
Solution: Huskies

Question: Plastic Spork Is Example Of This Utensil
Solution: Trident

Question: Sikh Swords Seen Crossed On Khanda Symbol
Solution: Kirpans

Question: West German Name For Former East German Currency
Solution: Ostmark

Question: Western Hemisphere Marsupials
Solution: Opossum

Question: Where Planes Land And Models Strut
Solution: Runways

Question: Young Age Is Just A Number
Solution: At heart

Question: Youre Twistin Man Sang Shaun Ryder
Solution: My melon

Question: Ice US Rapper From The 1980s
Solution: Vanilla

Question: Daro Abandoned Indus Valley Archeology Site
Solution: Mohenjo

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