Codycross Paris Group 251 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: 1975 Film Satire Of Country Gospel Music
Solution: Nashville

Question: Apparatus Used For Hatching Eggs
Solution: Incubator

Question: Belgian King Set Up The Congo Free State
Solution: Leopold ii

Question: Italian Cheese Sometimes Smoked Or Grilled
Solution: Provolone

Question: King Tuts Golden Headdress Discovered By Carter
Solution: Death mask

Question: Like Water For Laura Esquivels Mexican Story
Solution: Chocolate

Question: Money Lender With Excessive Interest Rates
Solution: Loan shark

Question: Pierre French Dramatist Of Le Cid
Solution: Corneille

Question: Sedimentary White Rock
Solution: Limestone

Question: Small Containers For Drugs
Solution: Pill boxes

Question: Small Containers For Encapsulated Drugs
Solution: Pill boxes

Question: Star Of Good Will Hunting
Solution: Matt damon

Question: Town Border
Solution: City limit

Question: Where Peter Pan And Tinker Bell Live
Solution: Neverland

Question: Nebula Dark Equine Cloud Of Dust In Orion
Solution: Horsehead

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