Codycross Paris Group 250 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: American Story US Series Created By Ryan Murphy
Solution: Horror

Question: Czech Born Swiss Tennis Star Martina
Solution: Hingis

Question: Dividing Line Between Countries Cities Etc
Solution: Border

Question: Fleet Of Warships
Solution: Armada

Question: Flies Without Power On Thermals In The Air
Solution: Glides

Question: French Speaking Province Of Canada
Solution: Quebec

Question: Hair Products You Use Because Youre Worth It
Solution: L’orĂ©al

Question: He Serves Green Eggs And Ham
Solution: Sam i am

Question: Marbled Dried Meat From Italy
Solution: Salami

Question: Ready To Relinquish Control
Solution: Docile

Question: Recovery Renewal
Solution: Upturn

Question: Republican Candidate Obama Defeated In 2012
Solution: Romney

Question: San Tiny European Nation Surrounded By Italy
Solution: Marino

Question: Spanish Newspaper Name Means The Country
Solution: El pais

Question: Subgenre Of Alternative Rock Born In The Last 1980s
Solution: Grunge

Question: Swallowed Something That Obstructed Breathing
Solution: Choked

Question: The Welsh Mafia A Portmanteau Word
Solution: Taffia

Question: The Brush Coral Is Tall With Small Branches
Solution: Bottle

Question: Vulcanized Material Developed By Charles Goodyear
Solution: Rubber

Question: Bells A Christmas Song
Solution: Jingle

Question: Lance 1954 Western Movie With Spencer Tracy
Solution: Broken

Question: Legion German Planes Bombed Guernica In Spain
Solution: Condor

Question: Crow Black And White Corvine
Solution: Hooded

Question: Or Later 1990 Madonna Single
Solution: Sooner

Question: Parking Leave Your Car Here While Shopping
Solution: Retail

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