Codycross Paris Group 250 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: 1941 Holiday When Hong Kong Surrendered To Japan
Solution: Christmas

Question: A Very Large Landmass Like Europe Or Africa
Solution: Continent

Question: Acclaimed UK Band Composed Album The Wall
Solution: Pink floyd

Question: Artist Of Sudden Shower Over Shin Ohashi Bridge
Solution: Hiroshige

Question: Belgian Former Pro Tennis Player Kim
Solution: Clijsters

Question: Cartoon Superheroines The Girls
Solution: Powerpuff

Question: Converter Of A Gas To A Liquid
Solution: Condenser

Question: Destructive Flames In Australian Outback
Solution: Bushfires

Question: Diamonds Princes Song About Precious Stones
Solution: And pearls

Question: Easy Unexacting Music Genre Aka Mood Music
Solution: Listening

Question: Flat Tires On A Bike
Solution: Punctures

Question: Flat Wheels On A Bike
Solution: Punctures

Question: Human Remains Perfectly Preserved In Peat
Solution: Bog bodies

Question: Large London Square With Lions And Fountains
Solution: Trafalgar

Question: Machine Tool Engineer Famous For Screw Threads
Solution: Whitworth

Question: Marine Creature Siphons Water In And Pushes It Out
Solution: Sea squirt

Question: Newt Fictitious J K Rowling Author
Solution: Scamander

Question: Norwegian Nutty Cheese With Large Holes
Solution: Jarlsberg

Question: Pops A Hole In A Tire
Solution: Punctures

Question: Practice What
Solution: You preach

Question: Promoting Selling And Distributing A Product
Solution: Marketing

Question: Revolting Nauseating
Solution: Repugnant

Question: Scarlett Actress Of Lost In Translation
Solution: Johansson

Question: Sir Les Drunken Australian Cultural Attache
Solution: Patterson

Question: Storage For Personal Items With No Strap
Solution: Clutch bag

Question: The Duration Of A Pregnancy
Solution: Gestation

Question: The First Drops Of Breastmilk After A Babys Birth
Solution: Colostrum

Question: This Person Waves At An Orchestra
Solution: Conductor

Question: To Take Errors Into Account On A Reading
Solution: Calibrate

Question: Waves At An Orchestra
Solution: Conductor

Question: Went Back To A Place Or Subject Matter
Solution: Revisited

Question: What Takes You To Another Web Page
Solution: Hyperlink

Question: Word Starting With F With All Five Vowels In Order
Solution: Facetious

Question: Louise Davis And Sarandon Starred
Solution: Thelma and

Question: Maria Of France Married Charles I In 1625
Solution: Henrietta

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