Codycross Paris Group 250 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: 101 Dalmatians In 1996 Is A Of The 1961 Film
Solution: Remake

Question: Alexandre Dumas Novel The Count Of Monte
Solution: Cristo

Question: Break During The School Day For Kids To Play
Solution: Recess

Question: Citrus Fruits In Limoncello
Solution: Lemons

Question: Concurs
Solution: Agrees

Question: Creator Of The TV Show The X Factor
Solution: Cowell

Question: Elevated
Solution: Raised

Question: Five Vertebrae In Your Lower Spine
Solution: Sacral

Question: French Multinational Known For Dairy Products
Solution: Danone

Question: In Contrast To Or As The Alternative Of
Solution: Versus

Question: Larry Who Played J R Ewing In Dallas
Solution: Hagman

Question: Major US National Passenger Railroad Service
Solution: Amtrak

Question: Northernmost Latin American Country
Solution: Mexico

Question: Object Used To Pour Liquid Down A Bottle Neck
Solution: Funnel

Question: Orange Or Purple Root Veggie Favored By Rabbits
Solution: Carrot

Question: Purcell Opera Dido And
Solution: Aeneas

Question: Smoothing Power Tool
Solution: Sander

Question: The Art Of Horsemanship
Solution: Manege

Question: To Abduct
Solution: Kidnap

Question: Wallis Invented Bomb Used By The Dam Busters
Solution: Barnes

Question: Coral Shrimp Are Red And White
Solution: Banded

Question: Notes Brand Of Sticky Notes
Solution: Post it

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