Codycross Paris Group 249 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Good Good Chocolate Sweets
Solution: Bonbon

Question: Animals To Which The Term Dressage Applies
Solution: Horses

Question: Carsons Profession In Downton Abbey
Solution: Butler

Question: Container Of Woven Straw Or Willow
Solution: Basket

Question: Facial Hairs Mostly In Men
Solution: Beards

Question: Home Builder
Solution: Framer

Question: It Will Take Your Picture
Solution: Camera

Question: Long Stemmed Salad Veg With Leaves At Top
Solution: Celery

Question: Luc Director Of Nikita And The Fifth Element
Solution: Besson

Question: Magicians Story
Solution: Patter

Question: Nicosia Is Capital Of This Mediterranean Island
Solution: Cyprus

Question: Quiet Noiseless
Solution: Silent

Question: Royal Residence Such As Buckingham Or Versailles
Solution: Palace

Question: Sci Fi Novel By RA Lafferty Past
Solution: Master

Question: Sherlock Holmes Sidekick Dr John H
Solution: Watson

Question: Side Of The Head Behind The Eye
Solution: Temple

Question: Steep Rock Faces Along The Coast
Solution: Cliffs

Question: The Rose Of Texas
Solution: Yellow

Question: Thomas Invented First Commercial Steam Engine
Solution: Savery

Question: Tough Choice Between Two
Solution: Toss up

Question: Truck Heavy Tractor Units Revving Up
Solution: Racing

Question: Twenty Plus Fifteen Minus Twenty Four
Solution: Eleven

Question: Volkswagen Model Sounds Like A Friend Of Tracy
Solution: Sharan

Question: Wildlife Spotting Adventure Holiday
Solution: Safari

Question: Woodwind Instruments Held Sideways
Solution: Flutes

Question: Ventura Canary Island With Biosphere Reserve
Solution: Fuerte

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