Codycross Paris Group 249 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Price Placed On A Wanted Persons Life
Solution: Bounty

Question: Annual Celebration Of The Seven Seas World Day
Solution: Oceans

Question: Arachnid
Solution: Spider

Question: Bessie Medical Supplies Pioneer
Solution: Blount

Question: Ceramic Spouted Vessel To Brew Assam Or Earl Grey
Solution: Teapot

Question: Cleveland Play At The FirstEnergy Stadium
Solution: Browns

Question: Colorful Egyptian Water Popular With Divers
Solution: Red sea

Question: Drug That Reduces Cholesterol
Solution: Statin

Question: Expression Associated With Faux Tears
Solution: Boo hoo

Question: German Word For An Artificial Substitute Thing
Solution: Ersatz

Question: Greek Titan Of The Sun
Solution: Helios

Question: Loved By Apollo She Was Turned Into A Laurel Tree
Solution: Daphne

Question: Pencil Toppers With Colorful Stood Up Hair
Solution: Trolls

Question: Plain Irish Fabric Of Woven Cotton
Solution: Poplin

Question: Sarah Fergusons Former Spouse Prince
Solution: Andrew

Question: Shakespearean Play That Starts Whos There
Solution: Hamlet

Question: Tapping A Keyboard With Fingers
Solution: Typing

Question: The Human Rooney As Telegram Boy
Solution: Comedy

Question: What The French Call Scotland
Solution: Ecosse

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