Codycross Paris Group 249 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Small German Archipelago In The North Sea
Solution: Helgoland

Question: Body Of Water On The Coast Of Lithuania
Solution: Baltic sea

Question: Contamination Disease Caused By Germs
Solution: Infection

Question: Evaluates Art Writing Of Strengths And Weaknesses
Solution: Art critic

Question: Forrests Shrimping Boat Company
Solution: Bubba gump

Question: Germanys Main Legislative Body
Solution: Bundestag

Question: Gymnastic And Athletic Like A Trapeze Artist
Solution: Acrobatic

Question: Hitting A Ball With A Racket Before It Bounces
Solution: Volleying

Question: King Solomons Mother
Solution: Bathsheba

Question: Largest Buddhist Temple In The World In Indonesia
Solution: Borobudur

Question: Long Form Of A Machine That Copied Over Phonelines
Solution: Facsimile

Question: Name Given To An Islamic State
Solution: Caliphate

Question: Napoleons Last Utterance The Love Of His Life
Solution: Josephine

Question: Notorious Welsh Pirate Famed For Many Captures
Solution: Black bart

Question: Person Who Evaluates Writes About Creative Work
Solution: Art critic

Question: Reality Show About Items In Hock
Solution: Pawn stars

Question: Rules Specifying The Type Of Clothing To Wear
Solution: Dress code

Question: Science Of The Sun Ancient Egypt Course
Solution: Heliology

Question: Small Version Of Posh Piano
Solution: Baby grand

Question: The Head Of A Company Chairman
Solution: President

Question: They Eat Ants
Solution: Aardvarks

Question: Very Exaggerated Figure Of Speech In Writing
Solution: Hyperbole

Question: When An Astronaut Leaves The Capsule
Solution: Space walk

Question: Yom Kippur Day Of In Jewish Religion
Solution: Atonement

Question: Trophy Annual Prize For Seaplane Races
Solution: Schneider

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