Codycross Paris Group 249 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Apep Egyptian Deity Who Fought Ra
Solution: Serpent

Question: Blood Sucker
Solution: Vampire

Question: Display Based Game Console From Milton Bradley
Solution: Vectrex

Question: Female Parent Not Biological
Solution: Stepmom

Question: For The Girl Richard Dreyfuss Won An Oscar
Solution: Goodbye

Question: Gentlemen Prefer A 1953 Marilyn Monroe Movie
Solution: Blondes

Question: Large Knife Used For Clearing Foliage
Solution: Machete

Question: Large Multi Colored Daisy Types From South Africa
Solution: Gerbera

Question: Michel French Soccer King And UEFA President
Solution: Platini

Question: Mountain That Has The Highest Peak Above Sea Level
Solution: Everest

Question: Okie From Muskogee Singer Merle
Solution: Haggard

Question: Played Liz Lemon On 30 Rock
Solution: Tina fey

Question: Quickly Scrolling Sideways On A Screen
Solution: Swiping

Question: Small Eurasian Crow
Solution: Jackdaw

Question: Small Eurasian Gray Headed Crow
Solution: Jackdaw

Question: The Goonies Follow Willys Treasure Map
Solution: One eyed

Question: The Banded Star Has Dark Brown Bands
Solution: Brittle

Question: The Middle Coat Of The Eyeball
Solution: Choroid

Question: Train Transport Network
Solution: Railway

Question: Twisted Baked Bread Represents People Hugging
Solution: Pretzel

Question: Waste Trash
Solution: Garbage

Question: Familia Gaudis Unfinished Barcelona Church
Solution: Sagrada

Question: James Actor Who Served As Montys Double
Solution: Clifton

Question: Order Dominance Hierarchy Not Just For Birds
Solution: Pecking

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