Codycross Paris Group 248 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Key Figure In An Organization
Solution: Linchpin

Question: A Person Who Repairs Machines Especially Cars
Solution: Mechanic

Question: A Rebellious Sailor
Solution: Mutineer

Question: Annies Signature Song
Solution: Tomorrow

Question: Avant Garde Musical Instrument With Antennae
Solution: Theremin

Question: Bobs Animated Short Film About Midlife Crisis
Solution: Birthday

Question: British Queen Who Reigned From Age 18 To Age 81
Solution: Victoria

Question: Brought Inland By The Tide
Solution: Washed up

Question: Chicago Retailer Acquired By Macys Fields
Solution: Marshall

Question: Cotton Linen Fleece Rayon
Solution: Textiles

Question: Creator Of Holden Caulfield
Solution: Salinger

Question: Delusional
Solution: Paranoid

Question: Elevation Steeper And Much Higher Than A Hill
Solution: Mountain

Question: Green Or Yellow Banana
Solution: Plantain

Question: Horror Sitcom Sounds Like A Type Of Cheese
Solution: Munsters

Question: Island Group Containing Majorca And Menorca
Solution: Balearic

Question: It Wont Poison You
Solution: Nontoxic

Question: King Stadium Belgian Royalty Sporting Grounds
Solution: Baudouin

Question: Learn At School Woodwind Instrument
Solution: Recorder

Question: Major Vein That Returns Blood To The Heart
Solution: Vena cava

Question: Malaise Disease
Solution: Sickness

Question: Male Marine Creature That Carries Eggs
Solution: Seahorse

Question: Member Of A Group Holding Power In A Country
Solution: Oligarch

Question: Pony Vibrant Trophy Ribbons
Solution: Rosettes

Question: Saddle Bags Handy For Cyclists
Solution: Panniers

Question: Seller Of Indulgences As Described By Chaucer
Solution: Pardoner

Question: Small Bread Roll From Belgian Capital
Solution: Pistolet

Question: The Other Musician Elvis
Solution: Costello

Question: Winner
Solution: Champion

Question: Judy Seaside Slapstick With Husband And Wife
Solution: Punch and

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