Codycross Paris Group 248 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Annie Evil Nurse From Kings Misery
Solution: Wilkes

Question: Avoided Flew Under The Radar
Solution: Eluded

Question: Become Unsteady And Come Crashing Down
Solution: Topple

Question: Car Stoppers
Solution: Brakes

Question: Corny Mawkish
Solution: Slushy

Question: Former NSync Member Timberlake
Solution: Justin

Question: Gulf Of Site Of 1964 US Vietnam Incident
Solution: Tonkin

Question: Hugh British Actor Dr House
Solution: Laurie

Question: Italian Aperitif Flavored With Orange
Solution: Aperol

Question: Lightweight Cheap Cotton Used For Straining Jam
Solution: Muslin

Question: Play That Poses The Question To Be Or Not To Be
Solution: Hamlet

Question: Sharm El Egypt Holiday Destination
Solution: Sheikh

Question: The Period Of Four Sundays Before Christmas
Solution: Advent

Question: Type Of Liquid Printer
Solution: Ink jet

Question: Of The Road Gentle Easy Listening Music
Solution: Middle

Question: Stick A Small Card To Store Pictures Or Files
Solution: Memory

Question: Stick A USB By Another Name
Solution: Memory

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