Codycross Paris Group 248 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Stain Mark Or Imperfection
Solution: Blemish

Question: Composer Of Symphonie Fantastique Hector
Solution: Berlioz

Question: Conflict Lack Of Harmony
Solution: Discord

Question: Cross Them For Good Luck
Solution: Fingers

Question: Doctor Who Discovered Penicillin Alexander
Solution: Fleming

Question: Food Product Associated With The Term Balsamic
Solution: Vinegar

Question: He Slew The Minotaur
Solution: Theseus

Question: Heavy Coarse Fabric Used For Stiffening Garments
Solution: Buckram

Question: Jackie Honeymooner Bus Driver
Solution: Gleason

Question: Jules Verne Adventure 20000 Under The Sea
Solution: Leagues

Question: Last Name Of US First Lady Jackies Husband 1960s
Solution: Kennedy

Question: Marsupial That Is Like A Small Kangaroo
Solution: Wallaby

Question: Nickname Of Arsenals Supporters
Solution: Gunners

Question: Not Indoors
Solution: Outside

Question: Root Vegetable Off White Similar To A Carrot
Solution: Parsnip

Question: Survivors Remnants
Solution: Relicts

Question: Suspension Of Fine Solid Or Liquid Particles In Gas
Solution: Aerosol

Question: The Capital Of Iraq
Solution: Baghdad

Question: To Have Faith In Someone Or Something
Solution: Believe

Question: Vengeance
Solution: Revenge

Question: Walter Creator Of The Bauhaus In Weimar
Solution: Gropius

Question: Where People Go To Take A Plane
Solution: Airport

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