Codycross Paris Group 248 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Hundred Stories By Giovanni Boccaccio
Solution: Decameron

Question: Adjective To Describe Someone Who Cant Remember
Solution: Forgetful

Question: Artistic Attention To Detail
Solution: Painterly

Question: Country Where Hugh Jackman Was Born
Solution: Australia

Question: First To Develop A Polio Vaccination
Solution: Jonas salk

Question: Former Home Of Elvis In Tennessee
Solution: Graceland

Question: German Composer Of Canon In D
Solution: Pachelbel

Question: Growing
Solution: Expanding

Question: Inflatable Airships Named After A German Count
Solution: Zeppelins

Question: Instrument That Tells Height Above Sea Level
Solution: Altimeter

Question: It Means Never Ending In Latin
Solution: Perpetuum

Question: It Used To Be Saint Petersburg
Solution: Leningrad

Question: Long Running Japanese Solid Snake Game Franchise
Solution: Metal gear

Question: Paint Mix For Whitening Or A Coverup For Misdeeds
Solution: Whitewash

Question: Period Of Life Before Adolescence
Solution: Childhood

Question: Person Who Has A Hard Time Remembering Things
Solution: Forgetful

Question: Saint Petersburgs Original Name
Solution: Leningrad

Question: Shot Of Espresso With Ground Coffee
Solution: Ristretto

Question: Something That Is Brought To Your Door
Solution: Delivered

Question: Strait Separates Africa And Europe
Solution: Gibraltar

Question: Teller In A Financial Institution
Solution: Bank clerk

Question: UK Secretary Of State For War In 1914 Herbert
Solution: Kitchener

Question: Vehicle Driven By Ernest Hemingway In WWI
Solution: Ambulance

Question: Weather Related Nickname Of Boxer Rubin Carter
Solution: Hurricane

Question: Taylor British American Iconic Actress
Solution: Elizabeth

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