Codycross Paris Group 248 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Bell On The House Of Parliament In London
Solution: Big ben

Question: Color Of The Submarine The Beatles Sang About
Solution: Yellow

Question: Dinner
Solution: Supper

Question: Filtration System Inside The Mouth Of Some Whales
Solution: Baleen

Question: Greek Goddess Of Hearth Home And Chastity
Solution: Hestia

Question: Metallic Strands Used To Decorate A Christmas Tree
Solution: Tinsel

Question: Nicole Star Of Far And Away And Moulin Rouge
Solution: Kidman

Question: Pepper Named After Syrian City Regional Spice
Solution: Aleppo

Question: Plant Resulting From A Crossing
Solution: Hybrid

Question: President Of France Starting 2017 Emmanuel
Solution: Macron

Question: Soldiers Equipment Holder
Solution: Kit bag

Question: Tennis Players Wipe Off Sweat With These Items
Solution: Towels

Question: The Highest Voice Part In Harmonic Music
Solution: Treble

Question: Warning Lights In A Car With A Triangle Symbol
Solution: Hazard

Question: Yoga Practiced In Heated Rooms
Solution: Bikram

Question: Greene UK Author Of The Heart Of The Matter
Solution: Graham

Question: Miller American Sniper Actress
Solution: Sienna

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