Codycross Paris Group 245 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Andrew Climber Died With Mallory On Everest
Solution: Irvine

Question: Biblical Land Given To The Hebrews By Joseph
Solution: Goshen

Question: Clintons Vice President
Solution: Al gore

Question: Container Or Ship
Solution: Vessel

Question: Description Of The Wooden Horse Where Soldiers Hid
Solution: Trojan

Question: Five Pennies Half A Dime Jeffersons Side View
Solution: Nickel

Question: Foremost Name In Chinese Cookery Since The 1980s
Solution: Ken hom

Question: Humans Only Have Two In Their Hands
Solution: Thumbs

Question: Hungarian Name For Their Native Language
Solution: Magyar

Question: Influential Poet Of The Harlem Renaissance
Solution: Hughes

Question: Knights Servant
Solution: Squire

Question: Latin American Dish Cooked In Corn Husk
Solution: Tamale

Question: Lonely Newspaper Column For Romance Seekers
Solution: Hearts

Question: Luke Former World No 1 Golfer
Solution: Donald

Question: Not Going
Solution: Coming

Question: Ocean Where The Island Of Mauritius Is Located
Solution: Indian

Question: Opposite Of Concave
Solution: Convex

Question: Phone With Round Spinning Dialpad
Solution: Rotary

Question: Procession Cortege
Solution: Parade

Question: To Turn Something Around On An Axis
Solution: Rotate

Question: US Brothers Who Invented A Flying Machine
Solution: Wright

Question: Fair Thackerays Tale Of Rebellious Becky Sharp
Solution: Vanity

Question: Square Famous Public Space In Downtown Cairo
Solution: Tahrir

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