Codycross Paris Group 245 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: 1950 60s Portuguese Footballer The Black Pearl
Solution: Eusebio

Question: Billy Madison Waterboy Happy Gilmore
Solution: Sandler

Question: Blowing In The Breeze
Solution: Swaying

Question: Chemical Element Of Atomic Number 77
Solution: Iridium

Question: Elizabethan Loose Fitting Breeches
Solution: Gaskins

Question: First Black Male Actor To Win An Oscar Sidney
Solution: Poitier

Question: Illuminated Machine That Selects And Plays Vinyl
Solution: Jukebox

Question: Johnny Real Life Story Of Lies And Rumors
Solution: Belinda

Question: Made Furious Annoyed
Solution: Angered

Question: Man Working As Hotel Porter No Chiming Though
Solution: Bellhop

Question: Minnesota Golden Play At TFC Bank Stadium
Solution: Gophers

Question: Montevideo Is Capital Of This South American State
Solution: Uruguay

Question: Needlework With A Single Hooked Needle
Solution: Crochet

Question: Planet Where Superman Came From
Solution: Krypton

Question: Pouring Fat Over Meat Or Poultry While Roasting
Solution: Basting

Question: Similar To Precook
Solution: Parboil

Question: The Snapper Has A Black Spot Below Dorsal Fins
Solution: Onespot

Question: The Letter F In The Phonetic Alphabet
Solution: Foxtrot

Question: Vlad The Ruler Of Wallachia Dracula
Solution: Impaler

Question: Weakness
Solution: Frailty

Question: Marvel Shoots Energy Bursts From Her Hands
Solution: Captain

Question: Thy Name Is Woman
Solution: Frailty

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