Codycross Paris Group 245 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Add Injury Make A Bad Situation Worse
Solution: Insult to

Question: An Incredibly Skilled Musician
Solution: Virtuoso

Question: Animal Listed First In English Dictionaries
Solution: Aardvark

Question: Building Where Soaked Cereal Is Allowed To Sprout
Solution: Maltings

Question: Creator Of The Garfield Cartoon Series
Solution: Jim davis

Question: Distant Cousin Of A Vampire
Solution: Werewolf

Question: Florida Bay Discovered By Ponce De Leon In 1513
Solution: Biscayne

Question: Forces That Stimulate Change
Solution: Dynamics

Question: Frasier Cranes Assistant And Radio Producer
Solution: Roz doyle

Question: Geological Era In Which Mammals Developed
Solution: Cenozoic

Question: He Gives Voice To A Cowboy In Toy Story
Solution: Tom hanks

Question: Home Of Joze Plecnik And Skocjan Caves
Solution: Slovenia

Question: In Mythology Daughter Of Helen And Menelaus
Solution: Hermione

Question: Italian Kitchen Appliance Brand Owners Of Kenwood
Solution: Delonghi

Question: John Inventor Of The Chronometer
Solution: Harrison

Question: Koala CIA Agent In American Dad
Solution: Reginald

Question: Last Half Of A Round Of Golf
Solution: Back nine

Question: Major French Red Wine Region
Solution: Bordeaux

Question: Mount Historical Peak In South Dakota US
Solution: Rushmore

Question: New Zealand Skyscraper For Bungee Jumpers
Solution: Sky tower

Question: Not As Intense As A Migraine
Solution: Headache

Question: Pernickety Pettifogging
Solution: Captious

Question: Reading Desks With Slanted Tops Such As In Pulpits
Solution: Lecterns

Question: Respect Is Greater From A
Solution: Distance

Question: Rooftop Device To Indicate Breeze Direction
Solution: Wind vane

Question: Science Of Electronic Devices For Aircrafts
Solution: Avionics

Question: Second Name Of Norm From The Sitcom Cheers
Solution: Peterson

Question: Similar To Persuading
Solution: Cajoling

Question: Style Or Design Of Printed Characters
Solution: Typeface

Question: The Golden Lessings Famous Feminist Work
Solution: Notebook

Question: The Waspfish Has A Large Crown
Solution: Cockatoo

Question: These Big Cats Dont Change Their Spots
Solution: Leopards

Question: To Make Amends And Fix
Solution: Put right

Question: Where The Bride Walks Towards The Groom
Solution: The aisle

Question: Event Unexplained Siberian Explosion Of 1908
Solution: Tunguska

Question: Mastroianni Leading Actor Of La Dolce Vita
Solution: Marcello

Question: De La Cruz Eternal Jubilee City
Solution: Caravaca

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